Wednesday, August 13, 2008

H2OIL Corporation - Nanotechnology

H2OIL Corporation is the world leader of nanotechnology advancement in fuel and oil, providing a revolutionary solution for gasoline, diesel, and engine oil. Its F2-21 nanotechnology additives provide immediate and dramatic results when added to today’s quality of gasoline, diesel fuels and engine oil.

H2OIL Corporation is the leading developer and manufacturer of fuel and oil additive products, utilizing the most advanced nanotechnology, for making nanotechnology gasoline, diesel fuel and engine oil. Located in California’s Silicon Valley, the company’s goal has been to develop new generation fuel and oil technology products, which will give users an easy, cost-effective, and highly efficient method of conserving energy, reducing air pollution, and protecting equipment.

When the F2-21 NanoTech Fuel Additive is added to regular gasoline and diesel fuel, it immediately turns them into high-quality nanotechnology gasoline and diesel fuel providing
users with many benefits such as fuel savings, power boost, emissions reduction, engine protection, and environmental improvement.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independent Testing and Recognition

15 Billion Test Road Miles!

TNO - One of the most prestigious testing laboratories in the world, on the same level as Southwest Research Institute, tested our product for over a year and saw solid evidence of reduced emissions and increased miles per gallon.

2007 California State Agency - Long-term Results used in fleet of 284 vehicles over 2 years produced an 18.8% average Fuel Savings!

Italian National Railways - tested our product in 2,000 horsepower diesel locomotives. Test results showed an 8% fuel savings, 40% exhaust smoke reduction, and almost 100% removal of combustion chamber deposits.

USA EPA - has registered our product for use as a gasoline and diesel fuel additive.

The EPA of the Largest Nation in the World has endorsed our product, after more then 10 years of successful tests and actual usage records, as the BEST gasoline and diesel additive on the market!

The China Railroad - has endorsed our product after a series of successful bench and actual rail tests.

The United Nations - selected our product as the Most Effective and Economical fuel additive for conserving energy and reducing transport-related pollution problems in Asia.

FORBES Magazine - featured our company as one of the Top 25 emerging environmental technology companies in the world!

The WallStreet Reporter - H2OIL Corporation was featured in the 2006 "Nanotechnology" issue of the Wall Street Reporter Magazine which profiled companies having the greatest potential in the high-tech Nanotechnology industry.

PetroChina - H2OIL and PetroChina officially entered a joint venture on April 30, 2005, after the manufacturing plant was completed in Tianjin, China. Read the article on Nanotechnology.

Japan - Since 1997, F2-21® products have been top sellers in Japan . Option 2, one of the most respected automobile magazines in Japan, independently collected over 20+ fuel additiives from Japanese market and tested every one of them to conclude that F2-21® fuel additive is one of the best power booster (11%+) fuel additives without containing any toxic components.

Nano Tsunami-Nano Energy - featured F2-21® in an article entitled: "Nanotechnology Gasoline Reduces Global Warming at No Cost".

NanoTech eeFuel® Additive

NanoTech eeFuel® Additive is the only multi-functional liquid nanotechnology fuel enhancer on the market.

When added to fuel - whether it be gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels, eeFuel® immediately transforms it into high-performance, nanotechnology-enhanced fuel to improve fuel economy, increase engine power, reduce harmful emissions and clean combustion chamber deposits.

When added to fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels), NanoTech eeFuel® immediately transforms it into high-performance nanotechnology enhanced fuel to improve fuel economy.

When added to fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels), NanoTech eeFuel® immediately transforms it into high-performance nanotechnology enhanced fuel for increased engine power.

When added to fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels), NanoTech eeFuel® immediately transforms it into high-performance nanotechnology enhanced fuel and reduces harmful emissions and clean combustion chamber deposits.

Some Additional Benefits

  • Cleans combustion chamber deposits
  • Decreases or eliminates engine knocks
  • Extends engine life
  • Restores lost engine performance
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Works well in all fuels, in all climates in all seasons
  • Protects the environment